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The Herbal Extract Company of North Americais located in Lengby Minnesota.We are a small family owned business that takes pride in providing herbal products that present rewarding health benefits.The President of our Company is Gerald Gettel, RPh, a registered pharmacist that has studied herbal products for much of his long career. His interest lies in natural herbal products that could take the place of traditional prescription medicine.

Maca Root is one such herbal product that has been extensively studied and has withheld the test of time. Maca Root was first used by the Incas more than 3000 years ago for energy and endurance and is still traded as a medicine and energy giving herb throughout the towns and villages of Peru today. When the Spanish arrived to Peru in 1533, these little plants were hidden away and remained on the brink edge of extinction for centuries. Today's dedication by the Peruvian goverment with the over seeing and cultivating of Maca root, it's no longer considered the "lost herb" The medical journal "Urology" that first published the Viagra ® study, also published, in the April 2000 issue a study confirming the sex-enhancing effects of Maca. This is very significant for a major medical journal to publish findings on a sex-enhancing herb. Maca's ability to act as an aphrodisiac is becoming well known worldwide. Many South Americans compare Maca with Viagra ® Maca of course is not Viagra , but it does nurture the hormonal system in both men and women giving a person's body a natural hormonal balance.

Maca recently has been studied in the United States for the treatment of sexual dysfunction, research has shown that a man's sperm count and semen volume have increased as high as 200% over a 21 day test. For Women alike, a study showed that Maca has increased the ovarian function in women giving an alternative to fertility pills prescribed by doctors.

With our direct network to Peruvian Maca Root cultivators, our customers receive the highest quality Maca Root available, the Herbal Extract Company of North America is proud to announce the approval of a 10:1 extract allowing us to be the number 1 supplier of pure all natural Maca Root in the United States. We hope our site will educate and give you a better understanding of the qualities and benefits the World is receiving with Maca Root.

Sincerely, The Herbal Extract Company of North America